Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crazy months

Ukrainian follows Czech and Lithuanian in deciding to ditch the commonly-known pagan names for the months used in the vast majority of European languages (including English) in favour of quirky names that refer to the time of year. A couple of them are very similar to the Czech ones actually, and my own suspicion is that they thought of this idea first.

січень-sichen'-'rod/pole' (??) is January

лютий-lyutii-'very cold' (also very original!) is, not surprisingly, February

березень -berezen'-'the birch month'-known to you and I as March-is pretty similar to the Czech 'březen'

квітень-kviten'-flowers-is April (Czech waits until May for this)

травень-tvaren'-May-grass (great . . . maybe it loses something in translation)

червень-cherven'-June-worms (I may look at taking my holiday around this time)

липень-lipen'--lime trees-July


вересень-veresen'-heather-September (I like this one)

жовтень-zhovten'-October means 'turning yellow' (which can't be healthy at all)

листопад-listopad-November-which means 'falling leaves' (but sounds more like a type of sanitary towel) is exactly the same as in Czech.

грудень-gruden'-December-is 'frozen ground'

Well, you have to love the quirkiness anyway. Just hope, looking at these, that I somehow make it through the year . . .

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